Lady Gaga To Live Stream Final Roseland Ballroom Concert!


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga takes the stage on April 7th for the last show ever at Roseland Ballroom, and we’re streaming the show live so you can #GetMoreGaga from wherever you are!

Tune in to the live stream at on April 7th at 8pm ET. See you there, Little Monsters!

Talk about a hero in a half shell!


Turtle Shell 2No, it’s not a black box from a Blackbird or some alien piece of technology from some sci-fi movie. It’s actually the Turtle Shell 2.0® Bluetooth Speaker from Outdoor Tech! This wireless portable speaker is about the size and shape as an actual box turtle, measuring about 5.5 x 4 x 2 inches and weighing about 12 ounces. It’s unique design allows you to simply set it down on it’s 4 small feet, use the standard camera threading built in, or hang using a special turtle claw mount! You can basically use this any way you want! So let’s see what you get included per Outdoor Tech:

– Two speakers and passive bass radiator provide 96 decibels of clear sound, wirelessly (20% louder than the original Turtle Shell®.)

– Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device with easy one-touch pairing.

– Reconnects automatically to previously paired device.

– Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 16 hours of play time, and over 700 hours of standby time.

– IPX-65 dust-proof and water resistant. 

– Built-in microphone, (Conference Calls!!!!)

– External controls allow you to adjust volume, change tracks, play/pause, and answer calls.

– Standard camera thread and extra strong metal leash clip for multiple mounting options.

– Voice Prompts let you know what is going on.

– Bluetooth Profiles: aptX audio codec for high quality stereo audio, A2DP & AVCRP to control track and volume remotely.

– Bluetooth 4.0 with enhancements like battery level “fuel gauge” displayed on source device, quick pairing/connections, and low power consumption.

– Micro USB charge port.

– 3.5mm audio-in port.

– WIRELESS RANGE: 32 feet.

– ITEM SIZE: 5.6 x 3.9 x 2.1 inches.

– ITEM WEIGHT: 0.65 Pounds.

– INCLUDES: USB charging cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, signature ODT carry pouch, User Manual, and some stickers!!!!

Wait, just in case you missed it, you get stickers! Now you may think that I’m being sarcastic, but really I’m not. I get all excited when I get a new toy and I get some awesome stickers! This is how I usually get:


Turtle Shell 2.0Now that my sticker fit is over, lets talk about the sound quality. For the size of the device you get good midrange fidelity that is crisp and comes across great with vocals and music that has a pop sound. Bass port notwithstanding, the bass won’t rattle the roof but still provides a great experience and gives you exactly what you expect for a portable speaker this size. Overall i find this portable speakers to be one of my favorite portable speakers in this size range.

Turtle Shell 2.0absolutely love the design and functional elements of the shell and would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants a speaker with some edge! The Turtle Shell 2.0® is available in multiple colors from white, black, green, electric blue, seafoam, red, purple, and orange! Price is $129.95 with Free Shipping from Outdoor Tech! For more information on this great speaker check out this fun graphic on Outdoor Tech’s page!

Disclosure: I received the Turtle Shell 2.0® to review at no cost. There was no additional compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

You will want to get your hands on these Privates!


PrivatesNow that your jaw is on the floor or you are giggling like a 5 year old school girl, let me introduce you to Outdoor Tech’s Privates. If your are trying to figure out why the company called them Privates, it’s possible the old school military style is the inspiration for the name. What’s really great about this pair of headphones is that you can score a quality set of professional Bluetooth headphones for only $99.95.


One feature that really sets these headphones apart from the competition is the touch controls on the right  headphone. You literally slide your finger up or down to control the volume and left or right to switch between tracks. No need to worry about fumbling with your phone to change volume or songs anymore! Although the Privates actually come with a 3.55 audio cable for listening to a wired source, the true beauty of these headphones come to light when you use the Bluetooth feature. The audio quality of the Privates  is crystal clear and you don’t hear a difference between the 3.55 audio cable use or Bluetooth mode. The 40mm drivers make it possible to hear the super crisp mids and solid base tones. (Those fans out there that love low-end bass will enjoy the Privates as it provides a great base sound without having to take it to insane rattling levels some brands do.

PrivatesAnother great feature of these headphones is the fact that they work with your phone to take phone calls! The Privates have a built in microphone, so you are able to take and end your calls with the touch of the multifunction button! (You just has to be connected via Bluetooth) In case you want to see a little more on how these Privates work, check out the hilarious video from Outdoor Tech’s Unofficial Spokesman Frank Harrington

Overall I think the Privates make for an amazing deal for the money. They give you a great clear and balanced sound and come in a variety of colors to suit your style / look, not to mention with a 10 hour play time you will be able to play with your Privates for a very long time! 😉

Disclosure: I was given a pair of Privates by Outdoor Tech to review. I was not compensated additionally for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Harman Goes Retail With New Flagship Store


HARMAN Flagship Store


HARMAN International Industries, the premium global audio and infotainment group recently opened it’s first retail location in the USA with a flagship store in New York City. Located at 527 Madison Avenue the new location will showcase it’s various brands such as JBL™, harman/kardon™ and AKG™.

Sound SpiderThe new store from HARMAN features multiple experience areas for customers to interact with the brands the offer. The first of which is the Sound Spider (pictured left, image via Business Wire) that  customers can test a full range of HARMAN headphones by listening to preselected HARMAN artist songs or by simply plugging in their own music players and hearing the music of their choice.

Next is the Sound Cube!  If you have ever wanted to experience of being in a music studio, the HARMAN Sound Cube will help you get as close to that experience as possible. You can actually can bring in your own existing headphones (or select products from competing brands) and compare them directly to HARMAN products in this state of the art soundproof chamber.

The next area to check out is the HARMAN Sound Check! The HARMAN Sound Check series will bring the professional level concert experience to a smaller retail environment. The Sound Check features HARMAN’s professional concert and music studio equipment, which as part of a series will play host to musical performances and special events in HARMANs intimate setting.

Concierge Table

The last, but certainly not least, of these experience areas is the Concierge Table. (Photo to the right by Retail Customer Experience) The Concierge Table will deliver to you a personalized experience by matching the likes and interests of your lifestyle to specific products that would best fit. All of this is done by just asking you a handful of basic questions in order to understand your personal needs. 

So to help celebrate the opening of this new flagship we are going to take a look at a few suggested products to show you what some of what they will carry and what I already use:

JBL Micro Wireless SpeakerFirst up is the JBL Micro Wireless Speaker! This little speaker packs a punch! Available in six different colors this speaker delivers full-range JBL® sound with a pretty amazing bass. It’s small enough that you can just throw it in (or clip it onto) your bag, but not so small that you get distorted sound. You can stream audio to the speaker from any Bluetooth-equipped compatible device, or you can always use the included 3.5 audio cable to connect the speaker to your music source. The JBL Micro Wireless Speaker retails for $59.95 through the HARMAN website.

JBL Flip Speaker


Next up I recommend checking out the JBL Flip! What we like about this compact little speaker is the full range of sound that it supplies. The Flip’s output is well balanced and has that extra bass that rounds out the sound! It makes a great speaker for on the go or to pull out at a party to supply the tunes! The speaker comes with its own carrying case and is available in 6 different colors to choose from. The Flip retails for $99.95 through the HARMAN website.

JBL Charge Portable SpeakerLast, but certainly not least, in my portable speaker recommendations is the JBL Charge. When it comes to portable speakers this one is hard to beat. This beast of a speaker comes with a 12 hour battery life with its built-in 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, and to boot it does double duty as a charging pack! That’s right, when your device is running low you can plug it into the Charges USB port to juice up! This speaker is powerhouse with its sound and an exceptional bass that is hard to beat. What really is astounding with this speaker is the price compared to its competition in the same class. The Charge retails for $149.95                                                                                                                                            

AKG Headphones

One more recommendation we would like to make is to check out is AKG‘s closed back, over ear bluetooth headset know as the K845BT. All I can say is whoa…. Ok, maybe I can say a few more words ;-). This headset truly does deliver studio quality sound in a super comfortable form factor. The K845BT connects with your music source in three different ways, Bluetooth, NFC, or old school 3.5 audio cable that comes included. It was so easy to pair these headphones both with Bluetooth and NFC, and you are up and listening to your music in no time! It’s sleek and stylish look is bound to be a head turner to all your friends, and when your friends see you jamming out, without the cord, you are bound to be the coolest kid on the playground, or the office. 😉 The K845BT retails for $299.95 on the HARMAN website.

Disclosure: I was given devices for review by HARMAN, and was not compensated additionally. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Mobile Sound Experience With Bose Soundlink II!


boseSo you are looking for a bluetooth speaker and you want the cream of the crop without breaking the bank? Introducing the Bose Soundlink II! This new bluetooth speaker includes new neodymium transducers and an updated digital signal processing algorithm that gives the ultimate mobile sound experience. This system allows up to six devices to pair with it, comes with an protective cover/stand, and delivers a mobile quality I have yet to see on the market.

So let’s take a look at the design and the speaker itself. 

The Bose Soundlink features a very compact shape and design with clean and functional style, including a bi-fold magnetic protective cover and stand that automatically turns the speaker off when closed and additional stability when open.


Although it showcases a compact design, you can tell it packs a solid punch when you pick up it’s almost 3 pounds of sound production magic. It measures up at 5″ x 9.5″ inches wide and just under 2″ thick, so it’s easy to underestimate it’s ability at such a narrow depth. The speaker has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that’s rated for 3 to 4 hours of use between charges at higher volumes and double that at mid level volumes. The wireless range specs state an average of around 30 feet but I have been able to use it up 45 feet in open spaces. On the back of the speaker you’ll find a standard 3.5mm audio input for connecting any audio device via the included cable without needing or having to connect via bluetooth.

Overall I have found this to be an amazing high end speaker for mobile use, especially at only $299.99. I believe there are very few reasons you would look to choose a different option for comparable speakers. One of those reasons would be the fact that the Soundlink doesn’t come with an internal microphone. If you are interested in making a speaker of this quality into a conference call capable speaker, you are going to have to look into other equipment. The other reason to look for other equipment if if you really need more than say 6 -8 hours of speaker time without a recharge. I  can’t imagine I would ever need that much time of constant music without being near an outlet, but it’s something to keep in mind.

With all this in mind, when are you getting yours?

Disclaimer: I was given this unit to review at no cost from Verizon Wireless. I received no additional compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.

Pandora market share grows in the wake of the iTunes Radio launch



In a strange, but not entirely unexpected turn of events, Pandora has actually seen significant growth since the launch of iTunes Radio in September. Bloomberg reports that Pandora’s market share of radio listeners has increased from 7.77% to 8.06% in the time that iTunes Radio has been operational. According to Pandora CFO Michael Herring, listening hours on Pandora have increased by 9% as well. That brings total streaming content on Pandora to 1.47 billion hours in the month of October as iTunes Radio users migrate back. Despite this growth, the number of active users actually shrank slightly last month, from 72.7 million to 70.9 million. 9to5Mac points out that Pandora did finally drop the 40-hour monthly listening limit for free users in September, which certainly accounted for some of the growth. Whatever the cause, increased market share for Pandora is not good news for the long-term prospects of iTunes…

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Daft Punk – Pentatonix Cover


Vocal sensations and winners of season 3 of NBC’s The Sing-Off, Pentatonix are combining eclectic genres to take instrument-free music far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. The group is back at it with PTX VOL. 2! It’s available now on iTunes so check it out!