A Geek’s Thanksgiving Day Break



Before the inevitable food coma hits, take some time and kick back to some fun Thanksgiving fun from around the web! We’ve got everything to make your Geek Thanksgiving break a fun one!

So whether you are taking a break from cooking, family squabbles, or just need a break from reality, take a moment to enjoy some of the following:

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Disasters

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade






MST3K’s “Turkey Day” 








Gary Oldman’s Thanksgiving Message from the British

How to have a better Thanksgiving through CHEMISTRY!

Check out the GOOGLE doodle!








Lady Gaga & The Muppets Thanksgiving Special Preview

And no Geek Thanksgiving would be complete without a few apps to help you out!








I hope that these geek items have helped you to pass the time this Thanksgiving! I hope each and every one of you have a VERY happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

It’s A “Mean Girls” And “Hobbit” Mash-Up!


This Is The “Mean Girls” And “Hobbit” Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Wanted But Now Can’t Live Without! On his most adventurous quest yet, Bilbo Baggins discovers the A-list clique of Middle Earth- The elves. “Mean Elves” A Hobbit/Mean Girls animated Mashup!

Bring Some Warmth To That Aluminum


So your Apple keyboard looks all sleek and cool with that futuristic style, but have you ever wanted to bring a unique touch to your tech? Well, look no further as Lazerwood has the solution! Lazerwood products are wood veneer overlays specifically made for Apple Keyboard, iPhones, Beats and Apple TVs.

Lazerwood Keyboard

Available for Apple’s desktop and laptop keyboards, these precision-etched key add-ons are just the thing to make your keyboard a little warmer and more personal. You can choose between multiple keyboards and a stain of cherry or walnut to help match your surroundings.

Lazerwood Keyboard

The instructions say it takes about 30 minutes to apply the product to your keyboard and it’s about right depending on your level of perfectionism. Each key has an individual sticker on the back so it took me about 25 minutes to complete the entire keyboard.

Lazerwood Keyboard

The Lazerwood Keyboard runs $40 – $45 depending on the type of keyboard you are using. They are available in over a dozen different languages and can ship anywhere world wide! At the time of this post Lazerwood is also offering free shipping on any order over $50!

This is such a unique product and makes a great gift for any mac user that likes to stand out from the crowd! Lazerwood also has gift cards available for purchase, just in time for the holidays!


Disclosure: I received the Lazerwood Keyboard at no cost from LWI for purpose of reviewing the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Jackery Mini Rechargeable Battery Pack Giveaway!


Jackery Mini

Premium quality mini powerhouse

The world’s smallest external rechargeable battery


Tiny and Strong

With its lipstick size, this enables the world’s tiniest external 2600mAh rechargeable battery with 1A output to be carried around anytime.

Small and mighty, this is the tiniest external 2600mAh rechargeable battery on the market with its 1A output. Its stylish, sleek design comes in a “lipstick” size so you can carry it with you all the time. It has four LED charge status indicators and whether it’s more talk time or audio playback you want, this charger is the one for you.


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Google plots how to make Glass more than ‘niche product for nerds’


What are your thoughts on Google Glass?


Google is pretty high on the potential for Google Glass to be a revolutionary product but the company seems to realize that its computerized headset has an image problem since it’s already become the target of ridicule for late-night comedians. With this in mind, The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is thinking outside the box to make Glass a desirable mass market product and not just the “niche product for nerds” that it might well become.

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Nokia Fatboy Charging Pillow Giveaway!

Nokia Fatboy Charging Pillow

Nokia Fatboy Charging Pillow

Get the Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy®, and charge your phone wirelessly in style. Explore a whole new way to charge with this Fatboy designed pillow and charging accessory from Nokia. Fatboy® USA is the leading supplier of The Original Fatboy® bean bag furniture and other fun, youthful, innovative products. Just place your Qi wireless charging capable smartphone down on the pillow for a “power-nap” and charging starts – pick it up and it stops charging – it’s just that simple.

  • A perfect place to lay down your phone
  • Qi wireless charging standard
  • A fun, functional design


  • Dimensions: 190 (L) x 140 (W) x 130 (H) mm, 7.5”(L) x 5.5” (W) x 5.1” (H)
  • Weight 112 g; Cable length 70.9”
  • Free of BFR, rFR as in Nokia Subst. List
  • Free of PVC
  • Free of nickel on the product surface
  • Charger output voltage 12.0 V; Charger input current 300 mA
  • Charger input voltage 100 – 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Energy Efficient Charger
  • Wireless charging standard Qi (WPC)
  • Connectivity/ Connectors: 2.5 mm Charging Connector
  • Operating temperature: -5 – +45 Other

Requirements/Product Dependencies: All devices featuring the Qi logo, signifying Wireless Charging 1.0 compatibility

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