Passive / agressive dog poop…


Too funny…

Stinky Flowers


Not everyone is a dog person. I get that. But what kind of sad and miserable life must you have had to become such a vindictive, curmudgeon that you feel the need to bag up dog poop and place it on someone’s doorstep?! I mean, come on!!!!

First, I should tell you that I am a militant pooper-scooper. I carry doggie poop-bags in a cute little designer poop-bag tote. I have given MANY  people lectures on what dog poop can do to our water system if left in our yards. My boys can bag a poop in 4.5 seconds flat. (Yes, we timed them…how else do you get kids to pick up poop if it’s not a game / competition?)

Having said that, I can tell you that beyond a shadow of a doubt…that dog poop was NOT left by Wickette or our new foster.

Even though I know that…

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The Zombie Run


Looking to God

If you have a soft stomach, I suggest you leave—now. If not, I have news that may be beneficial to your health. For a while, I’ve followed an event so scary, so shocking, and so exciting; I couldn’t let it go much longer without including it in my Monday Mayhem series.

Some of you already know what I’m talking about based on the title for this post. Some of you have participated in the event and loved it. Some—have screamed in horror. What is it?

I’m talking about the annual Zombie Run. This year it kicked off for the first time in Philadelphia, PA. It will tour sixteen cities and promises to scare the crap out of anyone within the city limits. Okay, so maybe I’m using lots of hyperbole, but y’all get what I’m saying, right?

How does it work?

Actors dressed as zombies chase participants…

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